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Past Events 

These gatherings have brought together diverse women seeking to embrace feminine leadership
and embody the power of love in today's world.


Los Angeles, CA November 2023

In November 2023, Watchtower Immersion unfolded in Los Angeles, California, a transformative event dedicated to honoring Mary Magdalene. Welcoming 41 women, the gathering to study ritual, awaken the energy of Mary Magdalene and explore the magical worlds of sacred arts, including the lost art of ritual theater. We lived lavishly in a mansion and were served delicious organic meals. We delved into the history of Mary in the Bible, engaged in a guided Santa Maria ceremony, explored our erotic energies, and culminated in the most magical slumber party of our dreams. This immersive experience blended study, ritual, and sacred sisterhood, fostering a deep connection to Mary Magdalene's teachings and creating lasting memories for all who attended.

Magdalene Film SCreening 
Los Angeles, CA February 2024

On a magical and romantic evening, we gathered in honor of Mary Magdalene. Her name has been on many people’s lips, and we are committed to bringing forth her story and legacy at a time when her message is needed more than ever—a message that champions feminine leadership and underscores the power of love. The event aimed to capture the mystery of Mary Magdalene on film, inviting all who felt inspired to join and support this transformative project. 60 brave souls threaded through the streets of Los Angeles on a record-breaking rainy night, helping us celebrate the first step towards our dream of sharing the message of Mary. We had a special guest Wencke Braathen, author of Rituals in Sacred Stone, offering insight and words of wisdom. While our sister Ruby Chase shared acoustic-style voice medicine. The highlight of the evening was the debut of the sizzle reel for the film—a trailer for a movie yet to be made. The mission: to create a film about Mary’s legacy and activate an awareness of her love worldwide. The entire event, filled with dynamic content and epic connections, was a night to remember.

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Rise of the magdalene

Awaken Your Loving Leadership through the Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

Orange County,  CA September 2023

The transformative 2-hour workshop delved into the empowering journey of Mary Magdalene, an iconic figure known for her strength, grace, and leadership. Attendees uncovered the timeless teachings of Mary as the event explored the depths of feminine empowerment and its translation into becoming trailblazing leaders in the contemporary world. The workshop addressed the current times of rapid change, emphasizing the need for a new rise of feminine leaders.

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